Quarterly Update, Summer 2019

Dear friends in Christ,

We hope this finds each one of you rejoicing in the Lord for all His goodness to us. Psalm 107 reminds us that we should all praise the Lord for His goodness and His wonderful works to the children of men. Four times that statement is repeated in this psalm which outlines God’s working among the nation of Israel. The experiences they went through as a people parallels the way that God works in lives today helping those who are in spiritual distress. Be sure to look at the psalm and see where you fit in that picture.


We are in the midst of a busy summer schedule which has followed an even busier spring. As many of you know, my mother went to be with the Lord in March, right in the middle of an intense conference schedule. The Lord gave the help that was needed and I really don’t know how I woul dhave managed if it were not for a number of the Lord’s people praying for us during this time. Currently, each Lord’s Day every month is filled with speaking responsibilities in various meetings in the NJ/PA. In May, I had a midweek series titled “So Great Salvation” which presented a detailed look at the blessings of salvation that God offers to all people with an emphasis on His power to save and commitment to keep those who have trusted Him.


On the first week of July, we were involved in a new venture at Ocean Grove, NJ a seaside resort with roots in the Methodist tradition. I was offered the opportunity to be the Bible study teacher at their Bible Study Hour, a ministry that dates back to 1876. The Association in town offers this daily hour-long study for the benefit of the residents in town and those vacationing during the week. I spoke on the topic of “Help and Hope in Hard Times”, focusing on the spiritual resources that God has provided His people to navigate through the trials and challenges of life. It was a memorable week to say the least as we had a number of our friends come and stay in one of the many hotels there. We also had a luncheon on Tuesday of that week combined with an open air Gospel meeting on the boardwalk with our good friend Rich Benitez. We also conducted a Gospel concert later that night which we arranged through the ministry of Know the Word. Both events were well-attended and we trust through the ministry of the Word that hearts were touched for God’s glory. Devotion at the Ocean!


Our summer community Bible study is now in full swing, having started earlier this month. We hold it at Bethany Bible Chapel, and will throughout the summer on consecutive Tuesdays from 10 AM – 11:00 AM. This has exceeded our expectations with many people, including a number of visitors in attendance. We are studying “The Promises of God” – a very valuable topic for all believers to consider. Please pray that the Lord will continue to bless this effort.


In May, we started a men’s discipleship group that now meets monthly in one of the local restaurant places in town. It is truly refreshing to be around other guys who have a desire to encourage one another in Christ and build one another up in the faith and their walk with Christ. As I said in a previous ministry update – it does leave me wondering: How is it, that it seems we have a ministry that revolves around food?!


As for our family, we all enjoyed our time at Ocean Grove, all of us except Matthew and Emily who are now on summer staff at America’s Keswick. Matthew has served there the last four summers and with each year, takes another step or two ahead in his spiritual growth and development. Praise the Lord. Emily is serving in her first year, also in the dining room along with Matthew and is absolutely loving her experience and growing in Christ also. We continually commit them to the Lord along with James and Abby (who are both busy with summer camp experiences) that the Lord will use them in a special way for His kingdom.


Please pray for us about these items:

  • The Lord’s safety/protection for the family as we travel about in ministry
  • For impact and fruit in the ministry of the Word
  • For wisdom in managing the minutia of ministry, which can be rather
    draining at times.
  • For our upcoming family conference in Toronto in August
  • For the planning of our annual September conference – Bible conference
    on the Bay
  • For our ongoing work with Cornerstone Magazine and the many details
    associated with being the editor.

Here are some upcoming events for which we would appreciate prayer:

    • Sept. 11th, 2019-Sunset Lounge (Cape May Ferry Terminal Cape May, NJ) Rex Trogdon, Charlotte, NC – $25
    • Oct 16th, 2019 – Historic Smithville Inn, Smithville, NJ – Speaker: Don Dunkerton (Kenilworth, NJ) – $25


Sept. 9-13, 2019 at Harvey Cedars Bible Conference on Long Beach Island in Ocean County, NJ. Speaker: Rex Trogdon (Charlotte, NC). Five days at the Jersey Shore to be refreshed & renewed with the fellowship of like-minded believers & uplifting ministry from Word the God. Day Trip: Cape May NJ. Lunch at the Sunset Lounge, followed by optional trolley tour of the city of Cape May. Cost: $415 pp. Questions? – www.knowtheword.com.

For more information about these events and more, visit knowtheword.com or obtain our Know the Word app available on the App Store or Google Play.

Thank you again for keeping us in prayer.

Yours in Christ,

Mark and Cindy Kolchin – Phil. 1:6

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