Do You Have a Message?

“Then said Ahimaaz the son of Zadok, Let me now run, and bear the king tidings…” 2 Sam 18:19“Joab said,Wherefore wilt thou run, my son, seeing that thou hast no tidings ready?” 2 Sam 18:22

” But sanctify the Lord God in your hearts: and be ready always to give an answer to every man…” 1 Pet 3:15

Ahimaaz’s excitement to be the first one to bring David the news of Absalom’s death was only exceeded by his ignorance. Joab knew that Ahimaaz, despite his willingness to be put to use actually had nothing to say since he had nothing prepared. Nevertheless, he let him run only proving that his report lacked detail and definitiveness (v. 29) In our labors for the Lord, we too may have the same interest to be of service to the King, but unless we are prepared in heart and mind, we too may be carrying a powerful message but present it in a bland and powerless way. May we learn the importance of obtaining and owning a powerful message in private so that we can deliver it with conviction in public.

Father, give Thy benediction,
Give Thy peace before we part;
Still our minds with truth’s conviction,
Calm with trust each anxious heart.–Dimitri Bortnianski

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