February, 2016

WINTER came in quickly after a very mild December. Here is a picture that we took on the day is snowed in January and our meeting was cancelled that morning. The reason can be seen behind us. As I said that day, “Once in a great while, I do not dress up in a suit and tie on the Lord’s Day!” This was one of those days. At the end of the month, I was in Canada for a series of meetings on biblical prophecy titled – “Things to Come”. All five meetings were well-attended and well-received. This month as our itinerary shows, I will be in York, PA for a weekend series on Titus & Philemon and the following weekend at Camp Iroquoina for a Family Weekend Conference. The last time I spoke at Iroquoina (two years ago), I flew from Florida back home to NJ arriving home at two in the morning. Up at 6 AM, we drove all morning and on the way there, we got caught in a snow storm for the last two hours to camp. When we arrived, we got stuck going up the hill since there was more than eighteen inches of snow. Great experiences we have in serving the Lord! Have a great month!

Yours in Christ,

Mark and Cindy Kolchin – Phil. 1:6

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