Ministry Update: Spring, 2017

The month of February, 2017 will be remembered in our household for a long time to come. At the end of January, our family flew down to Florida where I spoke at the meeting in Boca Raton. This was instead of the meetings that we had originally planned for April. There had been a change in the assembly’s speaking schedule that made this possible. For us, the timing was perfect. In addition, the airfares were much cheaper during this time of year. Every day, the weather was spectacular. I think it rained once – for 15 minutes – and then the sun came out soon afterwards. Also, it was great to reunite again with many of the believer’s from that meeting. We also had an opportunity to visit with our friends at the Jupiter assembly on another night, the meeting where Cindy’s cousin Wendi attends with her family. We always enjoy visiting with them every time we are there.

Hitler’s Mercedes – A Canadian trophy in their war museum

After coming home for a week, it was on the road again this time to northern territories. A lot of people thought we were a little mixed up, that we were doing things in reverse order …and we were! To go from a warm climate to cold one is not necessarily the norm, but that is the way it is in ministry. We traveled five hours to Camp Iroquoina for their winter family retreat. The group was larger this year than last, which is always nice to see. The fellowship around God’s Word was wonderful, the atmosphere relaxed, and the activities enjoyable. Despite milder temperatures, there was enough snow on the ground for the kids to do some sledding down Iroquoina’s long hill with the friends that they make at camps like this. After the weekend, it was on to Camp Galilee In Ottawa, an additional 5 hours further north over the border. We had a few extra days on our hands prior to the weekend meetings which gave us some time to venture into the city and to do some exploring in that area. The theme of the meetings were “Our reasonable Faith” from the first two verses in Romans 12. We always pray that something said will be a blessing and genuine help to the Lord’s people wherever we go.


Yours in Christ,

Mark and Cindy Kolchin – Phil. 1:6

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