Spring, 2015

Dear praying friend,

Greetings to all of you – our special friends in Christ. Well, it looks like we have finally turned the corner in this long, cold winter. I can say that now with this well-received balmy weather pattern we are currently in.

But the month certainly did not start out that way! There was another brutally cold Artic blast that visited our area just this past week. In its wake was a snow storm that blanketed our area with at least ten inches of snow. The kids loved it but it meant a lot of shoveling for me (and some for them, now that they are getting bigger). What a contrast it was from a week before!

We had just come home from a wonderful trip down south with a Bob Neff Tours bus tour that I led. I have done these events before through the years, but this time was unique – the whole family was able to join me! It was a wonderful time with the highlight being a visit to the Billy Graham Library and the I-Tech Missionary center in Dunnellon, Fla. The latter is the missions center for the ministry established by Steve Saint, the son of martyred missionary Nate Saint from years back. It was a wonderful trip with a lot of memories as we visited places like Savannah, GA. and Clearwater, Fla. including an everglades-type “safari” and an airboat ride looking for alligators. It was a great time, including the fellowship and singing hymns on the bus at 60 miles an hour!

But now that we are home, it is time to gear up for a number of ministry events that we would appreciate you praying for us and with us. Later this month I will be conducting a prophecy seminar for a church in North Jersey. This is the first of four such seminars over the next nine months that we have titled, ‘Things To Come” Prophecy Seminar. It really does draw interest, since many want to get a handle on no- nonsense prophetic teaching. There will be one seminar in NJ, two in PA and one in Canada.

A week later, we will be in Florida again, this time for a series of eleven meetings in four different churches. Whenever I mention going to Florida, I always hear the “snowbird” comments. But I am quick to respond with eleven meetings to prepare for, that it is not as much a vacation as they think! (snowbirds never flew so hard!). Also next month, Lord willing I will be in Morgantown, WV for a weekend missions conference. It will deal with the work of the Gospel in Europe, where there are many challenges in reaching the lost for Christ. The pictures at the bottom of the next page say it all – the Gulf Coast one week, and sledding the next – just a few days ago. Thanks for your prayers!

Yours in Christ,

Mark and Cindy Kolchin – Phil. 1:6

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