Summer Update: Summer, 2018

Dear friends in Christ,

We pray you are doing well and are thankful for the Lord’s blessings in your life. The Word of God is the means by which we are reminded of His goodness. If it were not for those reminders, we would think that we deserve these blessings instead of acknowledging them as from His hand. As the Scriptures state: “It is a good thing to give thanks to the Lord!”

Here are some of the latest goings on in our lives:


At the end of May, we went to Greenwood Hills Bible Conference near Gettysburg, PA where I spoke on “The Blessings of Salvation”. I used Isa. 12:2-3 as the main text for this six-part series. It was a great start to the summer. Both Cindy and I (and the rest of our family) have wonderful memories of this place. It is always good to go there and enjoy fellowship with the Lord’s people and to be challenged to go deeper in the Christian life through the ministry of the Word.


In June, my family went with me to Cape Cod, Mass. with a Bob Neff Tour that I led. I have always heard of Martha’s Vineyard and other places in the Cape Cod area, but never visited before this trip that included 45 other people. What a place! It is very rich in history. We were able to go on a whale watching expedition, (and saw a few); went on a lobster cruise (wonderful and very informative!) and even visited Plymouth Rock, the traditional landing spot of our pilgrim forefathers. Martha’s Vineyard was stunning as were some other interesting sites. I highly recommend going there and better yet with a Neff Tour group – absolutely great!


In May, we started a men’s discipleship group that now meets monthly in one of the local restaurant places in town. It is truly refreshing to be around other guys who have a desire to encourage one another and build one another up in the Lord. But it does leave me wondering: How is it, that it seems we have a ministry that revolves around food?!


These are the upcoming events that we would appreciate pray for:


Our Whiting Bible study in the Book of Acts has now come to a close until September when will start a new study. Butt we have now shifted to a Community Bible study that we are offering at Bethany on Tuesdays during the months of July and August. “The topic will be “The Miracles of Christ”. Please keep us in prayer as we seek to reach out to the neighborhood around us.


We are looking forward bringing a group of friends down to Cape May on Friday July 6th for a luncheon at the Cape May Ferry Terminal. Some years ago when I was in this facility and saw their room for such an occasion, I said I thought it would be nice to do some day. Well, here it is! We have a full group of 40 people registered and will be blessed to hear the testimony of a good friend Rich Benitez who was wondrously saved years ago and is being used by the Lord in many ways. Should be a fun and uplifting day.


We would also appreciate your prayer for an opportunity that will be coming up during the summer. Know the Word has been asked to host a Know the Word Day at Ocean Grove. It will involve open-air Gospel meetings three times that day, (Aug. 14th) conducted under the pavilion on the boardwalk at historic Ocean Grove, “God’s square mile”. We have asked a number of friends in ministry to share in music and in the Word throughout the day.

In August, I will be speaking at Harvey Cedars Bible Conference on Long Beach Island in NJ and am looking forward to that opportunity to speak with another brother at one of their family conferences. I would appreciate your prayer for this week (Aug. 20-25). We are asking that you pray with us that much fruit will result from this series of meetings.


We will be having our annual September conference at Harvey Cedars in Sept 10-14, 2018. It is always a highlight and an event that we always want to go longer! This year we will be having Jim Comte from Barrie, Ontario as our speaker. Lots of activities are planned for this week – we would love to have you join us if you can.

Summer is here and school is gone – for the time being, much to the delight of the family. The summer activities, have begun fishing, swimming, crabbing are now all underway. Matthew is a full-time summer staffer at Keswick, Emily and Abby will be going to girls camp at Greenwood Hills. Emily is looking forward to working there for July and into the month of August as a kitchen staffer. James as always is helping me out with ministry ideas and suggestions and Cindy is glad for the break from the home school schedule! We would appreciate your prayers for all our children that they would grow in the Lord in the knowledge of Him.

There are a lot of other things that we are involved with: regular weekly speaking engagements, the editorial work of Cornerstone Magazine and a host of other ministry things that we would always appreciate prayer for that Christ would be glorified in our labors for Him.

Have a blessed and safe summer!

Yours in Christ,
Mark and Cindy Kolchin with Matthew, James, Emily and Abby – Phil. 1:6

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